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Aim of the Program

Aim of the Program

City University of Seattle USA and BHMS are collaborating to provide hospitality and tourism management professionals with an MBA and Postgraduate degree. This cooperation aims to provide the students with the best professional education and business know-how so, after graduation, they will be equipped to take their place in the industry as competent managers.

The CityU MBA degree in Hospitality Management together with the BHMS Advanced Postgraduate Diploma is a highly sought after postgraduate education and is of great value and prestige with employers worldwide. This is because potential employers are aware that the graduates from the program not only possess theoretical and operational knowledge, but also have had to prove themselves in junior positions during their internships in Switzerland. Our graduates are prepared to hit the industry running and are not afraid to "lay-on hands" when needed.

CityU MBA degree in Global Management is, on the other hand, valuable to people who are already holding an executive position in management, or who, as a next step in their careers, are looking to enter into an executive management position in this industry. Furthermore, it is an ideal education for degree holders with a hospitality background looking to change their careers or for people with hospitality background looking to obtain the necessary specialized knowledge to open their own business in this field.

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