Business and Hotel Management School - Luzern Switzerland

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Why MBA?

Business knowledge:

Students explore in depth modern business concepts with emphasis on areas such as business strategies, management, business communication, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Leadership abilities:

Through a series of rigorous and balanced real-world assignments, presentations, and team projects, students develop their understanding of leadership skills and discover the leadership style which suits them. After the completion of the program, they will be qualified to understand, inspire and lead their teams successfully.

Transformation, Professional & Personal Development:

During their undergraduate education, students are exposed primarily to a theoretical curriculum, which, in some instances, can leave them without practical knowledge. The CityU MBA program puts a strong emphasis on the development of students' managerial and people-based skills. Students are engaged in meaningful tasks which sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as their communication, innovation, and creativity skills.

Core competencies in hospitality and tourism management:

Students are exposed to the main functions of the various departments of the hospitality industry, such as finance, human resources, communications and operational departments like rooms division, food and beverage, maintenance and plant, events management, tourism, development and management as well as health and wellness trends.


The networking that students create during their education can be one of the most important and valuable aspects that an MBA education can provide.  CityU graduates will join a great alumni network made up of graduates working in prestigious positions all around the world.

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