MBA Dual Degree

The BHMS Business & Hotel Management School, together with the York St. John University, offers an MBA Degree for young professionals to enhance their managerial knowledge and capabilities through applied learning using case studies, group work and real business examples.

Switzerland is world-famous for its high-quality service industries, hospitality and tourism sector and innovations in a number of fields. Students therefore have the opportunity to follow a contemporary curriculum to gain focused insight and skills in key business practices and explore a wide variety of multi-sector developments through case studies, data handling and projects to ensure that the learning is applied and of real career value. The dual MBA program  comprises one intensive study block of 6 months, full-time study which is followed by an independent Research Investigation, allowing students to pursue an in-depth study of an area relevant to their future. The research can be completed alongside an internship period of 6 months in Switzerland or overseas for students wishing to gain further work experience before proceeding on their career track. Alternatively, students may return to a full-time position during this phase of the program. This program is suited to candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree or significant managerial experience and are looking to enter or gain promotion in a particular industry or sector.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in any discipline
  • IELTS 6.0 level or equivalent
  • 2-3 years work experience

BHMS MBA Specializations

BHMS offers three different specializations alongside the general MBA program that follow contemporary and progressive curriculum.

International Hospitality Management

The International Hospitality Management specialization provides a varied and stimulating programme of study that enables students to fully appreciate the diversity and complexity of global hospitality. It provides a structured examination of the international industry and the principal environments and host markets, in which business is developed and conducted. Moreover, it explores the characteristics of globalisation and global hospitality, political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and regulatory environments in which global hospitality management takes place.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship specialization is designed to gain insight into the essence of new business ideas and entrepreneurship to equip students with the special skill-set required when creating a new business venture. It focuses specially on the areas that support the entire startup process, such as the development of unique and new business ideas, models and processes, preparing and submitting a business plan, identifying the competitive advantage of the company, and the value creation process of innovation for the society.

Global Marketing

In the Global Marketing specialization, students examine the opportunities offered by digital tools and key social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn to enhance marketing campaigns. Cultural and geographic variations in SoMe usage and conventions and the business implications are also explored and put into practice through the development of an international SoMe campaign.

April  September

Course Fee Application Fee Shared Standard Accom. 1 Meals Plan Operating Expenses2 Total Fee CHF
Bachelor Degree Hospitality/Business or Culinary
1st Year Diploma 25'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 33'500
2nd Year Higher Diploma 26'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 34'500
3rd Year Bachelor Degree 27'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 35'500
M.Sc. Dual Degree
M.Sc. Dual Degree 27'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 35'500
MBA Dual Degree
MBA Dual Degree 30'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 38'500
Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality/Culinary
PGD Hospitality/Culinary Management 26'100 500 3'600 1'800 2'500 34'500
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate 15'700 - 1'800 900 500 18'900