Higher Diploma in Business & Hospitality Management

Higher Diploma: Hospitality Management (Year Two)

This second year provides the knowledge needed to further a career in global tourism, hospitality and other multi-national business sectors. Students advance their understanding and skills in business management with subjects that include accounting, sales and marketing as well as human resources management. It comprises one semester of 20 weeks plus 4- 6 months paid internship. After completing the two year program at the B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School students decide either to follow the BA in Hotel & Hospitality Management or the BA in Global Business Management final year pathway.

Admission Requirements:

  • B.H.M.S. Diploma or equivalent
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


Course FeeApplication FeeShared Standard Accom. 1Meals PlanOperating Expenses2Total Fee CHF
Bachelor Degree Hospitality/Business or Culinary
1st Year Diploma24'1005003'6001'8002'50032'500
2nd Year Higher Diploma25'1005003'6001'8002'50033'500
3rd Year Bachelor Degree26'1005003'6001'8002'50034'500
M.SC. Dual Degree
M.Sc. Dual Degree26'1005003'6001'8002'50034'500
MBA Dual Degree
MBA Dual Degree29'1005003'6001'8002'50037'500
Combined M.Sc. - MBA Degrees
Combined M.Sc. 42'5005005'4002'7003'00054'000
Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality or Culinary
PGD Hospitality/Culinary25'1005003'6001'8002'50033'500
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate15'700-1'80090050018'900
English Program
Preparatory English5'600-1'8009005008'800